eds & ketogenic diet tools

Blood Ketone monitor

I recommend the KetoMojo which can be found HERE


Can be found HERE

Learn more about the Keto diet

Watch videos HERE


Diet Doctor has some recipes HERE but not all fit the Mediterranean ketogenic diet, so check ingredients.

Meat Free Keto has some great vegan keto recipes HERE 

The best vegan keto cookbook is HERE


Looking to get started on a the keto diet? A great way to ease into this way of eating is to begin with a FREE 3 day anti-inflammatory mealplan. You can sign up HERE. While this is not a ketogenic diet, it is a great way to transition yourself away from the typical American diet before diving into a more restrictive way of eating.

Eating on the go

I recommend pegan bars, especially the chocolate lava flavor. They taste best when heated up- just like a warm brownie! You can purchase them HERE

My other go-to is KissMyKeto chocolate chip cookie dough bars. You can purchase them HERE and get 10% off with coupon code NASARNUTRITION . 

Nutrition Packages for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

EDS Primer

Get the basics you need to decrease your brain fog, fatigue, and chronic pain.

Are you looking for diet recommendations for EDS? This is the program to you started! You will get access to the EDS nutrition protocol and an EDS Nutrition Facebook support group. This is a great option for knowledgable patients looking to DIY their nutrition.

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EDS Complete Nutrition Protocol

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Nutrition Protocol with Registered Dietitian Nasar Nutrition

Would you like a fully personalized experience with nutrition counseling sessions? This program will offer you a concierge nutrition experience. Registered dietitian Bonnie Nasar will guide you every step of the way! 

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Need Help Deciding?

Are you unsure which program would work best for you? Let's chat about it! I can help you figure out which program suits your needs.

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